Bachelor of Science (Conservation Biology)

Conservation Biology Program focuses on the knowledge and skills in biology and conservation of biodiversity through integrative learning activities with local communities as well as government and non-government organizations

  • Skill in biology labratory
  • Skill in conducting biodiversity survey
  • Gain experience with conservation organizations
  • Practice with world class guest lecturers

Bachelor of Science (Geoscience)

Geoscience is the study of the Earth and Planet to understand its origin and development through the integration of scientific multidisciplinary including Physics, Chemistry, Bilogy, Mathematic and Computer science

Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Science)

Here, Agricultural Science Provides an integration of science and agriculutre. The Learner can enroll in both of theories and practices about the full range of agricultural subjects such as stories of crop production, crop energy. livestock, agri-insect, and agri-business with regard to environmentally relevant perspectives and social relation. Besides, the students can join academic and social activities to support their related future occupations in Agricultural Science.

Bachelor of Science (Food Technology)

The Bachelor of Science in Food Technology program creates future food technologists that are responsible for health and well-being of society

Our program provides students with the knowledge and skills in the application of science and technology for a large-scale production of food products that are nutritious, safe, compliant with standards and regulations, and meet consumer' demand. The program also focuses on quality mangement system and food research and development.

Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental Engineering and Disaster Management)

This is the first bachelor program in Thailand which aims to produce a unque environmental engineer. Our graduates will not only be able to effectively design, control, and operate tratment systems of solid waste, wastewater, and air pollutions, but also have additional expertise in disaster management in order to systematically prepare, set-up, and operate emergency response plan when emergency situations from both natural or man-made disasters occur.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Management)

This program relates to the value added vocation group and international business, business services management and tourism, and human resource management, as well as the additional knowledge and skill with the modern management competence.

Bachelor of Accountancy

Our Accounting Degree focuses on establishing the Graduates to have prominent characteristics to apply the knowledge in accounting and business administration by integrating all functional knowleadge into a whloe picture and using the accounting information technology for managing, decisions, tax compliance, planning and organizational structuring. Our graduates also should be flexible and adaptable to the situation changes at all time. In addition to the expected professional characteristics. graduates must have the business ethics to construct the global societal sustainability.