Strategic plan Kanchanaburi Campus Mahidol University 2020 – 2023
Action Plan Duration 4 years
(Review edition of the year 2021)


To be a leader in integrative education and academics relying on the basis of the resources found in the western ASEAN region.

Vision description


1. education leader To be a leader in teaching and learning that is interdisciplinary with courses that are accredited to international standards and graduates qualify as Global Citizens.
2. academic leader Exemplary integrated research and academic services can be utilized and is the dependency of the community and society.
3. resource base Human resources and Biodiversity and physical resources
4. Western region of ASEAN It is consistent with the development of capacity and the use of resource bases in the western region of ASEAN.


  1. Produce graduates with morality, ethics, knowledge, and in-depth skills that can be applied to the country’s development toward internationalization and based on sustainable development.
  2. At both the national and international levels, develop research and integrated knowledge based on resources in ASEAN’s western region.
  3. Providing academic services and conveying integrated knowledge that can help communities address problems and grow. and a long-term nation.


Core Values of Mahidol University

M – Mastery

A – Altruism

H – Harmony

I – Integrity

D – Determination

O – Originality

L – Leadership

Core Values of Kanchanaburi Campus

K – Kindness

A – Adaptability

Excellent Culture of Kanchanaburi Campus


Continuous learning

Sense of belonging


SWOT (SWOT Analysis)

S : Strong

S1 Reputation of Mahidol University (SA1)S2 Each program’s faculty members receive curriculum development training based on the criteria. AUN-QA (SA2)

S3 The physical and biological environment of the campus and the surrounding area is suitable for being a source of learning, research, and area-based academic services and matching internal and international agencies. (SA3)

S4 Personnel with knowledge in a variety of fields are able to integrate research to satisfy community and societal demands. (SA4)

S5 The ability to determine contributing factors or rewards. (SA6)

S6 Adaptation of personnel and create Mindset to cope with changing situations. (SA7)

S7 Conducting activities with foreign countries using digital technology. (SA8)

W : Weak

W1 Integrated curricula are developed and improved, and they are certified to worldwide standards. (SC2)

W2 Increasing employee motivation and commitment to the campus. (SC5)

W3 Adjusting the English language score criteria for students who will graduate. (SC6)

W4 Adapting teaching and learning to a new format that is in line with Outcome-based education. (SC8)

W5 Development of personnel to support the application of technology. (SC9)

O : Opportunity

O1 The government’s budget and resources for research funding and academic services are focused on Area-Based Solutions to solve local problems. (SC3)

O2 Advances in digital technology. (SC4)

O3 Obtaining support from colleges and other organizations. (SA5)

T : Threat

T1 building an individual image of Kanchanaburi Campus. (SC1)

T2 Activities and operations must take into account the distance. (SC7)


SA – Strategic Advantage, SC – Strategic Challenges

Strategic Issues

  • Strategic 1 Academic Excellence

    Build academic strength based on the country’s western resource base.

  • Strategic 2 Open Access Education Resources

    Develop infrastructure (hardware and software) to support open learning resources that are responsive. students’, faculty’s, community’s, and society’s needs.

  • Strategic 3 Global Link- Local Touch

    Build a network of cooperation to be a learning center for the Western region to support the East-West Economic Corridor.

  • Strategic 4 Financial Sustainability

    Build financial strength for sustainable development.

  • Strategic 5 Human Resources Excellence

    Develop human resources to have the capability to support being an educational center of the western region.

Balance Scorecard (BSC)

Balance Scorecard (BSC) Strategic Issues

Strategic Goals

Sustainability Aspect To improve teaching and learning, research, and academic services to fulfill the region’s needs. Strengthen financial and budget to support sustainable management.
Customer Aspect Connect to be a learning center of community, society and the western region. Increase awareness of the organization’s identity and reputation.
Internal Process Aspect Develop infrastructure (hardware and software) that supports students’, employees’, communities’, and society’s lifelong learning.
Learning and Growth Aspect Human resources development It has the potential to become the

western region’s educational center.

Strategy Map