Our strategic approaches for the community engagement are to

  1. Promote technology and innovation transfer for communities through research and development, collaboration, and management for self sufficiency
  2. Build strategic partnerships with private and public sectors for establishing community enhancement
  3. Foster groups of community development clusters that could gain potential impacts to communities for their better life of living
  4. Provide the facilities for supporting the fundamental and specific needs of producing the impacts of community enhancement
  5. Nurture staffs who involve in the process of developing social responsible value for their career development

According to these approaches, we conduct many projects through “Agritect and Innovation Center (AIC): Kanchanaburi Province”.  Further details of the projects are shown in the website.  This center allows us to collaborate with many partners from private and public sectors.  We also collaborate with communities to find their pain points and then work together to help them to improve their community products and service.