One of our MUKA strategies is to build academic partnership with educational institutions under Bachelor’s degree.   Since the nature and extent of stakeholder involvement is different.  Therefore, we have to build different levels and methods of engagement for each group of stakeholders.  Further details of engagement levels and methods for each group are given below:

MOU Partnerships among Schools and MUKA

MUKA has established MOU partnerships with many schools in western region of Thailand.  The specific purposes are to recruit prospective students in Round 1 and Round 2 of the Admission and Screening process.  Consulting Level of engagement has been developed for this group.  We provide methods of engagement such as active recruitment that our MUKA team goes to each individual school and meet with prospective students to provide two-way communication about our curriculum, extracurricular activities, and life in campus.

Development of Innovatively Educational Area, Kanchanaburi Province

This project, which is sponsored by the institute for the promotion of teaching science and technology (IPST), is currently working under the project of strengthening potential of modern teachers for teaching and learning in the 21st century skills.  Collaborative engagement with IPST, which we conduct joint learning, decision-making and actions together, is taken into consideration.  Whereas engagement with schools to be strengthened is involvement level.  Each year, the project emphasizes on inspiring students to aware the importance of learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).  Over 500 students and teachers have been potentially strengthened every year.  Many active learning approaches; such as problem-based, demonstration, simulation, cooperative, and experiment-based learning, are conducted in order that students will learn how to identify daily-life problems and be able to solve these problems as well as develop teamwork skill.

Theoretical and Practical Training of Geoscience Teachers

This training is undertaken under the MOU between IPST and MUKA.  Collaborative level with IPST is also engaged.  Since MUKA is located on the western part of Thailand.  Therefore, this location is one of the best field-study areas for learning in geoscience field.  Moreover, our campus is well-equipped with equipment, facilities, and museums to support geoscience learners.

Our team will train about 80-120 teachers (Grade 7-12) who come from different parts of Thailand every year.  Apart from training, our team also help teachers for online and on-campus consultation in this field.  Samples of minerals and rocks are also provided for schools in order to help teachers to demonstrate to students for better understanding.

Earth Science Olympiad Center, Mahidol University Kanchanaburi Campus

The Earth Science Olympiad Center, Mahidol University Kanchanaburi Campus is supported by the Promotion of Academic Olympiads and Development of Science Education Foundation (POSN).  We engage with the POSN in collaborative level.  The scope of earth science is relevant to geology, geophysics, meteorology, oceanography, terrestrial astronomy, and environmental science.  We are responsible for screening and training prospective candidates from high schools in the western region of Thailand.   Six finalists from this center will participate in the Thailand Earth Science Olympiad (TESO).  Then they will join finalists from other centers in order to screen Thailand representatives to join the International Earth Science Olympiad competition (IESO).